Consumer Electronics

Store performance in the consumer electronics goods sector depends heavily on consumer behavior, and this behavior is influenced greatly by the retail store experience. With innovation cycles becoming shorter, flexibility is essential to any electronics store fitout.

Bowen Storage works closely with consumer electronics store owners to specify innovative modular display equipment, with security, durability and adjustability paramount, to ensure that the retail aesthetic is ideal to promote customer interaction and sales.

Our store fixturing designs and features will enable you to merchandise more in the same space, while maintaining flexibility to cope with future electronics developments.

In addition to the points above, our services for consumer electronics stores can include:

  • Supply of high quality pre-galvanised steel fixtures designed for electronics display
  • Supply of integrated glass display cabinets with RFID security options
  • Supply of custom furniture and product display benches
  • Supply of modular and custom sales counters
  • Learn about how to merchandise more with Sidac shelving
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