Bata Shoes

In February 2018 Malcolm Turnbull visited Bata Group’s manufacturing plant in in Mornington, and in his own words was ‘inspired by their passion for technology and the role it was playing in supporting jobs in our manufacturing sector’.

Prior to the visit, Bowen Storage installed a mezzanine floor for Bata Group, enabling them to more effectively use their storage space, which is critical to growth.

Bata Shoes brief to us was to increase floor storage space for pick face. Specific requirements included:

  • Effectively accommodate a new customer, allowing for more floor space giving them the needed pick face for growth plans.
  • Achieve additional storage space to save on offsite (3PL) storage which was costing the company a considerable amount of money.
  • Integrate a the new Raised Storage Area, without taking away from the existing storage space below.


The Bowen Storage team assessed the site and requirements for the additional floor space and gained the required information regarding the company’s requirements for the new growth and additional pick face required, and integrated all details into an effective, efficient and productive space plan within the existing facility.

We constructed the new Raised Storage Area within easy access entry points for the pickers beside the packing and dispatch area.

Key features include:

  • Drafting and engineering drawings.
  • All needed permits and engineering were obtained by Bowen Group.
  • Pallet Racking Based Raised Storage Area
  • 25mm Tongue and Groove Plywood Flooring to accommodate for the point load of pallet jacks moving pallets around on the floor.
  • Balustrading to keep the staff protected from the exposed edges.
  • A double barrier pallet loading gate for safely loading pallets onto the Raised Storage Area and preventing any staff exposure to the edge of the RSA.

The end result was a cost effective and efficient floor space resulting from the installation of the Raised Storage Area within the same facility.

Bata Shoes entire team are very pleased with the outcome in the additional floor space giving them the needed space for the additional product lines for a specific client.

The entire project was completed within a timeframe just before the Prime Minister visited the Bata Shoes site in support of the Growing Manufacturing Business.

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