Gondola Shelving

With the largest available range of standard bay sizes, Sidac gondola shop shelving allows the retailer to merchandise more through efficient floor space usage, offering:

  • 7 shelf lengths from 500mm out to 1500mm to suit all merchandising applications and budgets
  • 9 base depths from 200mm out to 1000mm to maximise valuable floor space
  • Common uprights with removable base legs for single/double sided configurations and easy reconfiguration
  • Header ends – freestanding, hook-on or rounded
  • Shelf surface options include smooth or perforated metal, and glass, timber or wire infill
  • Backing options include smooth, asymmetrically perforated, slatted, mesh or illuminated panels
  • Integrated glass display cabinets with storage cupboards and lighting
  • Plinth drawers for reserve stock storage
  • Castors for mobile bays
  • Shelf lighting to make your merchandise pop!
  • Mini-rack / outrigger variants for heavier loads
  • Discount configurations for economy
  • Huge range of hooks and merchandising accessories
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