Retail Shelving


Gondola shelving display systems offer excellent visual presentation and allow products to be displayed in an effective and practical manner.  Gondola shelving systems can be assembled to form single-sided free standing wall units of double-sided gondolas.  All steel components are finished in durable attractive powder coating with a wide range of colours available.


Innovative options, stylish designs, functional and classy.

Super 123 shelving provides modern and practical solutions for retail environments.  This unique boltless shelving system delivers the versatility and flexibility required to serve merchandising requirements for retailers with an exclusive style.  Super 123 shelving is perfectly for storage in stock rooms behind the sales area and its 'high-tech' and modern design makes it a stylish solution for product display in the shop area.


  • Display shelving for retail showrooms.
  • Available with many display accessories - hooks, baskets, dividers etc.
  • Available with overhead pelmets to allow product feature lighting.
  • The system can accommodate different back panel types such as pegboard, solid and perforated metal.
  • Available in a wide range of powder coat colours.
  • Ideally suited for department stores, retail merchandising and trade centre outlets.
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