INTERIORS / Blog / Consider colour in your office

Consider colour in your office

INTERIORS / Blog / Consider colour in your office
August 2015

Colour is something we see every day, yet rarely take much notice of. It alters the way we feel, think and act without us even knowing. Colour can have a subliminal effect and trigger emotions without warning. By using colour to your advantage, you can potentially benefit yourself and others around you. The same applies for the workplace.

Colour has long been proven to affect people's productivity at work. An inspirational working environment is key to happier staff and boosted morale. The right colours and hues can spark creativity and greater output whereas a lack of strategic colour can affect the mood and behaviour of your employees.

Accordingly to the Colour Affects System developed by renowned colour psychologist Angela Wright, blue is known to stimulate the mind, yellow inspires creativity, red affects your body and green creates a calming balance. Highly saturated, bright colours will stimulate while softer, muted colours are more likely to soothe.

When choosing the right colour palette for your office, work with office interior experts who strategically consider your company’s vision, culture, the needs of your most important customer, your staff and your most important asset – your brand.


Many companies have used their brand identity colours throughout their office space, sending a message of
consistency and helping to establish a connection and experience between brand and customer.  A great example of this is Google. The company has incorporated the bold, yet simple colours from their logo onto their walls, creating a playful and welcoming environment which leaves a magnetic impression.

Then there’s the Beats Electronics office in Los Angeles. Beats have taken colour blocking to the next level. Here colour has been used as a central design feature to leverage their brand colour palette and offset against natural wood tones and some greenery

Closer to home, Bowen Interiors worked with Stockdale & Leggo on their office refurbishment, adding hints of the company’s corporate colour palette throughout the space to radiate warmth,  happiness and energy.

With over 30 years’ experience, Bowen Interiors can bring effective colour psychology to your office. Working with existing or new facilities, Bowen Interiors blend design and colour with space efficiency to create work spaces that inspire.  Connect with Bowen Interiors today or call 1300 780 654 to find out more.