INTERIORS / Blog / Jaw Dropping Office Designs Around the World

Jaw Dropping Office Designs Around the World

INTERIORS / Blog / Jaw Dropping Office Designs Around the World
May 2017

With happiness comes productivity, and organisations world-wide are turning to creative and innovative office design to set the scene for a more productive workplace. There have been many studies on office design and its effect on staff, including this recent Australian report which discusses the overwhelming evidence linking office design with staff health and productivity. Inspired by this research, many organisations around the world are re-thinking their office design to get the best out of staff. So what are the key elements that organisations are incorporating into their office designs? Simply, to create a multi-purpose, relaxed and attractive office environment that inspires people to interact and generate ideas. 

We have compiled a selection of some of our favourite international office designs to help ignite your creativity when re-thinking your own office design.

Nature at your doorstep
In Seigas Cano, Madrid, maximizing natural light in this office space is an understatement.  This space, which oozes a relaxed ambiance, is half underground with jaw-dropping forest views.  Less is more in this design and the result offers the team an all-weather, natural outlook that can only inspire.

Slip Sliding Away

There are no cutting corners at the Google Office in Zurich where the term creativity is the cornerstone for their office space in achieving a pleasurable and simply awesome place to work.  From the very ‘adult’ slide, a fireman’s pole to the library, free cafeteria and aquarium, Google has taken its brief in creating a fun working environment very seriously.  When it is time to be creative, every employee has their own space to get their juices flowing.  No wonder Google has such a dedicated family of staff!

Going green on the inside

Nature comes alive inside this exquisite Milan office for ThinkGarden. Their whole working space is designed to reflect the natural outdoors with stone shaped bean bags, large plants, trees, flowers and white furniture that completes the look.  With an office environment dripping in tranquillity, this space gives their team the opportunity to enjoy nature and the feeling of outdoors while they work.

Bring Your Design Ideas to Life

Is your company willing to break the traditional mold and introduce a unique working environment to help excite and motivate your team? As shown above, there are so many ways you can increase your staff productivity through clever office design. The team at Bowen Interiors can guide you on what is possible and have the knack to combine functionality with fun. From the whole creative process to delivery, Bowen Interiors can customise any office space that reflects your company’s ethos and diverse staff needs and tastes. Contact Bowen Interiors today.