INTERIORS / Blog / Office Layouts That Improve the Power of YOUR People

Office Layouts That Improve the Power of YOUR People

INTERIORS / Blog / Office Layouts That Improve the Power of YOUR People
March 2015

At the heart of every productive organisation is a well-designed office. Encouraging a teamwork environment, as well as providing space for employees to work independently is important.

Creating a space that encourages productivity, but also enables your staff to feel happy while they are at work is a must!

Research indicates that the right workspace can increase employee productivity, happiness and peace of mind. Taking into consideration space, lighting, layout and comfort are all-important aspects when designing a productive workspace.

We know these flexible layouts will help you improve the power of your people.

Activity Based Workspaces

Activity Based Working (ABW) is gaining momentum in Australia.

It involves creating multiple spaces tailored to support different work tasks such as ‘hubs’ for meetings and brainstorming sessions, phone booths, quiet rooms, desks and more. Each activity space is designed to help support you complete that particular task.

ABW can reduce sedentary behavior and encourages employees to move to different areas in order to complete varying tasks. Getting up and moving around the office also encourages staff to collaborate and share ideas.

Some of the big banks – NAB and Commonwealth have already incorporated ABW within some of their offices.

Bowen Interiors has a range of office furniture that enables you to create a multitude of different spaces that match your offices needs.

Deakin Office layouts


Appropriate office furnishings are essential within a business environment. People often sit at a desk for eight hours or more a day, meaning they are at an increased risk of back or shoulder injuries. 

Being able to adjust your desk, chair and computer monitor for a level that is comfortable for you is vital for productivity.  Bowen Interiors has a range of workstations that can assist you and your office needs.  Our Apex Workstations are height adjustable and allow flexibility to suit an evolving office environment.

We are also seeing a shift away from your everyday task chair to chairs that move with the body providing a more comfortable and adjustable solution.

We have a range of Executive chairs that move with the body providing a safer and more comfortable option for you and your staff.

Space Layout

It’s important for office spaces to include a mix of public and private areas that are uncluttered and easy to navigate providing employees with the option to work quietly on their own or to collaborate in a team environment.

Our Designers will take your needs into consideration while undertaking the planning process.  Get in touch today!