INTERIORS / Blog / Three Benefits of an Activity Based Workplace

Three Benefits of an Activity Based Workplace

INTERIORS / Blog / Three Benefits of an Activity Based Workplace
July 2016

Become innovative with your workplace design and reap the rewards in staff productivity and happiness by creating an activity based workplace. Referred to as the 'workplace of the future', an activity based focus allows employees to move around their environment and choose to work in a variety of different spaces, best suited to your priorities. These different areas can include collaboration areas, quiet zones, meeting rooms, standing desk platforms, and a relaxation pod to catch up on emails.

The benefits from upgrading your open plan workplace to an activity based layout can be measured in productivity, employee engagement and a lower rate of staff turnover, as well as the following:

1. Different Work Areas for Different Needs

Not all tasks require a desk and a computer to be completed efficiently. Some require an open area of collaboration with a white board or projector, others need wifi and a quiet space to sit down with a coffee and laptop. Having different zones for a range of work requirements provides your team with the proper platform in which you need to complete the task at hand.

2. Promotes a Happier Work Environment

By having the freedom to choose the most suitable space to work in, your staff are likely to be happier and more productive within their workplace. Everyone has a different work method, and this can be utilised with the option to work in a zone which best boosts an individual's productivity based on personal preference, and the requirements of the tasks.

3. Increased Flexibility

By working in the most suitable zone to complete your work, the obvious result is increased productivity. When we are given the flexibility to move around, rather than feeling restricted to a single desk, we can also enjoy the health benefits, as sitting down for long periods of time puts a strain on our bodies.

Creating an activity based workplace requires a clear strategy and some innovative thinking.  By selecting the right office furniture, functional office seating and suitable workstation systems, you can create your own workplace zones to increase productivity, resulting in happier and healthier staff. Contact Bowen to discover how your workplace can benefit from a customised activity based workplace design.