September 2016

A new year brings new trends. We often spend 40 hours a week (if not more!) within the workplace so why not create a flexible, fun and appealing workspace that makes you, your staff and visitors WANT to be in the office.

Here are five BIG office design trends for 2015! .

1. Power of the PodPower of the Pod

Over the past few years we have seen a strong shift towards open plan offices and large collaborative working spaces. In turn, this creates a need for staff to have access to smaller, private spaces.

Welcome to the pod! These are comfortable, informal spaces where employees can work independently or hold small impromptu meetings. They provide the right amount of privacy, whilst maintaining the atmosphere of your open plan office!

Want to learn more about integrating pods into your office? The Bowen Interior Design team can assist you with design and furniture for your workplace.


2. Trending Technologyrending Technology

Wi-Fi is now standard in most offices, however this year it’s predicted that more and more companies will be utilising cloud-based technology.

Office technology needs to enable staff to move freely around the office as well as to potentially work off site. Solid infrastructure will still be a significant part of the office environment.


Considering how busy people are and the current nature of flexible working environments it’s important that staff can access the information they need, when they need it wherever they are.

Bowen Interiors has a range of workstations that enable you to conceal your power and data cables allowing you to access the best technology while still maintaining an organised and well thought out office space.


3. Bold Colour & Appealing AestheticsBold Colour & Appealing Aesthetics

The Bowen Interiors design team has recognised that Melbourne office spaces are tending to move away from the recycled and industrial feel. “We are seeing more bold designs, brighter colours and geometric forms.  In particular wall lights are more popular and heavy patterns and textures are being introduced.”

“Most importantly, each space and design needs to be individual so that each brand stands alone.” Neutral tones with a splash of bold colour can bring a lot of personality into the office, boosting staff morale. Bowen Interiors has a range of bold and neutral furniture that can help achieve the right colour balance for your office. 


4. Bring Outside Inside Bring Outside Inside

Bringing nature into the office has been said to reduce stress, improve air quality as well as providing a number of other health benefits.


You can keep it basic by bringing in some potted plants and dispersing them into the corners of rooms or in small, unused sections around the office.

Some city offices are even creating roof top gardens for their employees! Wouldn’t that be nice? Could your office or staff benefit from a Mother Nature makeover? Bowen Interiors can incorporate ‘inside garden’ spaces into your office layout plan.


5. Sitting Vs. Standingitting Vs. Standing

Research indicates that standing at your workstation can put less stress on your body.

Sitting down and remaining sedentary have serious health impacts and is said to reduce ones life span.

Going beyond standing desks, it’s important to have adaptable working spaces like Bowen Interiors’ Apex 50 height adjustable workstation systems.

Apex 50 guarantees adaptable layouts and solutions that support a multitude of ways of working, while providing concealed routing of services. Get in contact with us now to learn more about Apex 50!