INTERIORS / Blog / Using 3D Designs to Visualise and Create Your Ideal Office Workspace

Using 3D Designs to Visualise and Create Your Ideal Office Workspace

INTERIORS / Blog / Using 3D Designs to Visualise and Create Your Ideal Office Workspace
May 2015

Designing and creating the ultimate office workspace warrants an abundance of research and planning. Let’s face it, the decision to design a new office is a BIG one, requiring time, money and approval from the right people.  From workspace configuration, furniture to lighting and colour – all elements are important. It may seem overwhelming to begin with, but with the right office design partner, previewing your office design is only a CLICK away.  

Planning made easy

Translating the vision in your mind to what you want to achieve is the first place to start.  What does your new workspace need to deliver? How can it promote and bring value to your employees and your customers? How can your design nurture creativity and productivity? How will colour, lighting, furnishings and acoustics make a difference? 

A creative office design and fitout company can help you to plan your new office space and guide you through the fail-safe steps to creating your ideal office workspace.


Visual Preview

Provision of 3D drawings and photo renders gives you the power to visualise, showcase and present your new office design concepts to your internal customers. If seeing is believing, then show them!  The visual design concepts help to minimise the risk of ‘getting it wrong’, saving time and effort, helping you to get buy-in from the right people and most importantly, achieve the right outcomes for your project.


Flexibility at your fingertips

Need to make minor tweaks to your office design? The ability to move or add fixtures, tweak the colour of a wall or incorporate artwork, is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the benefits that can be harnessed by creating a 3D visual concept. 

The 3D technology not only enables every design detail to be planned, it provides flexibility to make adjustments at the planning and design phase – well before fixtures are installed.

3D Designs in Action

Through the use of 3D drawings and renders, Bowen Interiors was able to provide Stockdale & Leggo Croydon with a visual preview when planning their office refurbishment. Our design team worked with Stockdale & Leggo through the planning and design phase to work out the optimum use of space and intelligently applied colour to define and differentiate – creating a space where clients love to visit.

Updating your office need not be as daunting as it may seem, as 3D visual concepts take all the guesswork out of designing your perfect workspace. Take a look at the full Case Study and see for the results we were able to achieve for Stockdale and Leggo: