INTERIORS / Blog / Using Data to Design a Better Workplace

Using Data to Design a Better Workplace

INTERIORS / Blog / Using Data to Design a Better Workplace
February 2016

Is it possible to create the perfect workplace? One that workers feel they have everything they need: sufficient quiet spaces to concentrate on tasks, areas for team collaboration, inspiring social spaces for meeting and exchanging ideas – as well as balancing these requirements with the needs of a business. Workplace design and office layout, have previously been the results of assumptions, current trends or looking at the results of other companies.

In 2016, workplace design is becoming more intelligent. It is now possible for companies to collect and analyse information through technologies such as wearable devices and data, to know how employees work and interact. Data driven design is making a big impact in creating an office design that encourages work methods and collaboration in the most positive way for a specific company.

The rise of workers being dissatisfied with their workplace environment has prompted researchers from Spacelab in the UK to seek out possible causes. Companies are now looking at what patterns might be affecting staff satisfaction including the spatial design of the workplace, employee wellbeing, exchange of information, communication and movement flows. Collecting and analysing such data informs decision-makers, and ultimately reduces risks associated with implementing design changes in the workplace.

A company in the US, Humanyze uses ‘people analytics’ in the creation of a Sociometric® badges to help inform workplace design based on the data received. This involves a combination of infrared sensors, accelerometers, Bluetooth and microphones to collect data. It collects data anonymously about employee movements, encounters, speech patterns and posture. Companies, such as Deloitte, cross-reference this data with sales reports, revenue and staff retention to analyse which behaviours and encounters are contributing the most to the company.

There is little doubt that business performance and workplace satisfaction are intrinsically linked to the spatial design of offices. With companies experiencing higher staff turnover, employee absences and reduced productivity, employers are becoming more accepting of the need for new workplace design.

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