INTERIORS / Blog / Workplace Design Trends for 2016

Workplace Design Trends for 2016

INTERIORS / Blog / Workplace Design Trends for 2016
December 2015

2015 is coming to an end, and with it we saw many workplace trends that are a good indication of what we can expect in 2016. There has been a large focus on office ergonomics, flexibility within the workplace layout, and an increase of standing desks which will continue to increase in popularity during the next year. In 2016, we can expect to see more of the following workplace design trends:

In-House Office Facilities
It makes sense that workplaces striving to attract and keep the best talent, are making improvements to their in-house facilities. Top companies are incorporating facilities such as child care centres, indoor gyms, and even theatre rooms in their office design and layout. With a greater focus on people and productivity, it is becoming more common for workplaces to create a relaxation space with activities including in-house massages and meditation rooms.

Colours and Textures
Workplaces are stepping up their interior designs, with many taking a fun and playful approach with the use of colours, soft furnishings and a variety of textures. Following in the footsteps of the widely acclaimed Google head office, bright pops of colour are making their way into the office in the form of furniture, textured feature walls and carpets. Outdoor themes are also working their way in, with offices decorating rooms to reflect rainforests, or giving the room a coastal theme.

Work Lounging Pods
Giving employees an area they can sit quietly in a lounging pod and tune out from distractions is becoming a trend worth noting. We can expect to see more of these next year, offering an ergonomic seating solution, adjustable lighting, and privacy screens so individuals can maximise their own productivity in a quiet setting.

Further advance in office technology
In-built technology is on the rise, with the implementation of smart desks with charging cables, connection pads to link devices, and USB ports. Many meeting rooms and break-out rooms are now being fitted with additional charging-points to cater for today’s mobile devices.

Prepare to see some of these changes make their way into your workplace over the next year. To further implement an ergonomic and functional office design in your office, contact Bowen Interiors on 1300 780 654.