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Dynamic Air Systems has over 20 years proven experience in delivering turn-key air compression solutions for the Australian market.

Recent growth at Dynamic Air Systems meant that existing premises were bursting at the seams and it was time for a new office in Tullamarine.

The brief to Bowen Interiors was to provide a modern, minimalist and functional work space that accommodated two separate and distinct business units within the same office.

With both business units having different branding, colour palettes and external identities, the challenge was on! Bowen Interiors had to understand how space could be used strategically and creatively to design and deliver a stimulating work environment that supports employees and work processes for both business units – while maintaining a single cohesive brand presence for the company.

Utilising insights gained from the initial planning stage Bowen Interiors set out to design an office layout that would cater to the specific requirements of each business unit within the Dynamic Air business. 

Careful attention was paid to the selection of furniture to ensure that each piece of furniture would blend in with the company’s corporate colours and would remain a functional part of the office décor.

The final design included a combination of closed and open plan offices in a configuration that provided a natural segregation points between the two business units, while at the same time allowed the teams to work cohesively within the same office space.

Blending style, colour, and furnishings with workplace functionality, Bowen Interiors created a unique and cohesive office workspace that is enjoyed by staff and clients alike.

The office layout makes the best use of natural light and acoustics providing a brighter, more uplifting working environment.

Despite only having a tight four week timeframe, Bowen Interiors completed the project on time and on budget and to the complete satisfaction of Dynamic Air Systems.

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