Storage Solutions | Bowen Group / Blog / Introducing the most Versatile Garment Storage Solution for Retail BOH

Introducing the most Versatile Garment Storage Solution for Retail BOH

Storage Solutions | Bowen Group / Blog / Introducing the most Versatile Garment Storage Solution for Retail BOH
June 2016

For retailers, the stock room is the soul of your store – without stock, you’re out of business. Whether you are a specialty boutique, or a large format retail store, an organised and versatile stock room is essential to maximise your store’s selling space. Installing a premium back-of-house storage system will provide the efficiencies needed to keep front of house full of stock, leading to highly satisfied customers AND better business.

In retail BOH, garments are often hung from rails supported by wall mounted brackets or flat-packed or in piles on industrial shelving. Both of these methods have their advantages, but the best solution combines the two by using an adjustable shelving system, such as Super 123.

Super 12 – Super Retail Solution

Super 123 is a unique, premium-grade shelving unit with a quality garment hanging rail system that can be installed, and is easily adjusted, removed or changed by shop staff, without the help of technicians. Each section of the storage system can be fitted with a choice of hanging rails or any number of flat shelves for space efficient storage of garments and accessories.

For the retailer, Super 123 has the following benefits:

·        Versatility to maximise space for both BOH and FOH

·        Create time efficiencies to access stock on demand

·        Adjustability and ease to accommodate the varied stock lines and seasonal changes

·        Accuracy of inventory storage and management

·        Capable of carrying a diverse range of products, whether they are boxed or folded items placed on shelves; or garments which are best on hangers

·        Flexibility to accommodate standard shop-fitting accessories, mesh panels and hooks for both FOH and BOH operations

·        Reduced development time required to plan and specify BOH storage areas

·        Uniquely designed to carry garments on hangers, either with face mounted tubular rails or internally mounted tubular rails

Bowen Storage a step ahead in storage solutions

Take, for example a fashion house like Zara, where the demand at front of house is great.  With its mission to have fast and affordable fashion, Zara has developed a highly responsive supply chain with short lead times, lower quantities of the one item and more choice. This formula can ONLY succeed with a back of house garment storage system that can not only keep up with these demands but expand and be flexible as the business grows. With more than 11,000 new items in store per year, and new products arriving 2 – 3 times a week, an efficient BOH system is essential to satisfy this demand in Australia. When Bowen Storage installed Super 123 as a BOH hanging storage and flat pack solution, the storage challenges faced by Zara were solved. Read more about the success of Super 123 for Zara in our Project Page.

Zara is just one example of how Super 123 from Bowen Storage can meet the changing storage needs in a fast paced fashion retail environment. Over 70 retailers have already used Super 123 to maximise their retail back of house and front of house, optimising their retail footprint to achieve higher productivity. Bowen Storage recognise that every stock room is unique and our team can think outside the box to customise a Super 123 system for your retail business.