Storage Solutions | Bowen Group / Blog / Sidac Shelving - Now Available to Australian Retailers!

Sidac Shelving - Now Available to Australian Retailers!

Storage Solutions | Bowen Group / Blog / Sidac Shelving - Now Available to Australian Retailers!
April 2017

Following our retail team’s visit to the EuroShop 2017 retail exhibition in Dusseldorf, Bowen Storage is pleased to announce the release of the Metalsistem Sidac shelving system to the Australian market.

Sidac Shelving

Sidac shelving offers new and innovative possibilities and solutions for retail storage, to advance space utilisation and cost reduction for discerning retailers.

Along with full European quality and specifications, Sidac shelving offers double protection with the standard colour range powdercoated over galvanised steel for unprecedented corrosion protection and durability.


Customised Modularity

Bowen Storage is now able to offer Australian retailers the broadest range of sizing to suit all retail applications. Sidac’s unique bay dimension flexibility ranging from 500 – 665 – 900 – 1000 – 1250 – 1330 – 1500mm maximises the sales area, while shelf depths of 200mm to 1000mm in 100mm increments suits all display applications.

A myriad of standard modular configurations and accessories now permits customised retail display possibilities that were unheard of or very expensive heretofore.


Gondola Shelving

Single or double, tall or short, Sidac offers a cost-effective solution for all food and non-food gondola shelving requirements. With thousands of combinations and available accessories, the Sidac retail shelving system is the perfect solution to satisfy any display need.


Infill Shelf Panels

New to the international market, infill shelf panels offer the durability, stability and adjustability of steel panels, with the aesthetics and functionality of mesh, timber or glass infill.


Minirack Shelving

With or without the innovative front shelf extension, Minirack is perfect for heavy loads and / or ground level pallet clearance for bulk goods display. 


Heavy Duty Retail Shelving

Heavy duty steel wire mesh, reinforced pitch 50 brackets and uprights, front kick boards and illuminated canopies are all available using the Sidac heavy duty shelving solution. This configuration is optimal for heavy loads and where industrial trollies are used to handle goods.


Stockroom Walls

The Sidac system with slatted back panels can be used to stunning and practical effect for display walls or dividing walls between stockroom and sales floors. Build around pillars. Add a lockable door to access the stockroom without sacrificing display space.

Security Display Cabinets with RFID access control

SIDAC display cabinets can be accessorised with SIDAC RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) access control system. This technology provides the store manager with full access control over the access of all cabinets. All access is logged centrally and produces valuable statistics that can be crosschecked with sales and customer behaviour.


Sales Counters

These fully configurable and adjustable modular front checkout or sales counters can expand and contract to better suit seasonal volumes. This innovative approach uses standard modules which can be easily added or removed with the aid of a pallet jack to adjust the dimension of the checkout barrier in just a few minutes. Slatted front panels can host hooks other specific accessories for impulse purchase products. Behind, are bins, drawers, doors, shelves, and cash drawers as required.


Display Benches

An innovative first, Sidac display benches are super-strong structural steel longspan benches presenting a myriad of possibilities for retail display. With soft touch timber-feel powdercoat and various accessories for above, under and end display, these benches are unique and economical.


Steel Storage Solutions – now from front to back of store.

EuroShop2017 introduced to the international retail market the unique innovations of Metalsistem Italy. These are now available exclusively through Bowen Storage, allowing us to offer complete steel storage solutions for retailers – from front of house to back of house.