STOW it Properly

March 2015

Stow Pallet Racking is specifically designed for storing pallets and high-density bulk inventory that a company may have.

Pallet Racking optimises the storage of palletized goods of all sizes and weights. Also suitable for any size warehouse shelving or retail shelving.

If you are short on space Stow Pallet Racking can help you to increase your available space so you can meet high customer demands and increase your profits.

Stow Pallet Racking is specifically designed for storing pallets


  • There are a wide range of frame types that allow the storage system to be designed for different heights and weights
  • The beam connector allows for boltless beam connection allowing for quick and easy assembly
  • A wide range of accessories are available to ensure you get the most out of your pallet storage system
  • There are a number of racking protection products to help maintain the structural integrity of your pallet racking and the safety of staff
  • Pallet racking systems like Stow help to organise goods so they can be located quickly and easily therefore increasing staff productivity
  • Pallet racking is an inexpensive option that allows warehouses to maximise their existing space

Bowen Storage provides storage solutions to organisations within the retail and warehouse industry.

Bowen Storage worked closely with Focus on Furniture recently to provide them with an easily implemented, cost effective solution – Stow Pallet Racking.

You can read the full case study here.