Stow it Safely

April 2015

Think of the stock in your warehouse: Whether it is bulky or small, durable or fragile, there’s no doubt that your products have one thing in common – they have value. Losing money due to stock breakage or damage from poor storage and handling at the warehouse is an issue that business owners frequently face. Did you know that selecting a suitable storage system could save $1000s? Protect your bottom line and set up a storage solution that is right for your business.

When choosing a storage solution, you need to:

·        Reduce loss or damage of products, particularly fragile items

·        Increase warehouse output by improving storage capacity

·        Improve storage access to more efficiently locate, pick and ship products to customers

Bowen Storage provides carefully considered solutions for warehouse managers who want to protect fragile products, reduce inventory damage and improve their bottom line. A storage system should increase warehouse efficiency and maximize space – and that is exactly what Bowen’s Stow Pallet Racking range delivers. Stow is a completely customisable racking system that offers the flexibility of being used with almost any type of forklift, where easy access, safe storage and fast dispatch times are critical. Storage dividers can protect fragile products, while providing much needed accessibility to help improve picking efficiency.

As an example, Bowen Storage recently worked with Protector Glass Industries (PGI) to find a solution to safely store, handle and pick fragile automotive glass products. As you can imagine, potential glass product damage would be a major financial concern for PGI, and that’s where Bowen came in!

By installing a customised two tier storage system with custom made storage racks on both levels, PGI were able to safely store their glass windscreens either vertically or horizontally, which increased storage capacity by approximately 90%. Soft protective dividers were specially designed to protect each individual glass product, while also ensuring fast picking and handling of windscreens. The easy visual pick face increased warehouse efficiency by 60%, which ultimately improved customer service due to a more responsive and reliable service. You can read the full details of our work with PGI in this case study.

“Since the installation, we have seen remarkable productivity gains and cost savings to our business including better customer service levels and reduced breakages of glass.” Michael Shields, Managing Director PROTECTOR GLASS INDUSTRIES

The complete range of Stow Pallet Racking available at Bowen is a cost-effective solution that maximises storage efficiency and product safety. The only question is which Stow system would best suit your requirements?