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Super 123. Smarter Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions | Bowen Group / Blog / Super 123. Smarter Storage Solutions
May 2016

Super 123 shelving is a versatile and innovative series of storage products ideal for back of house storage, front of house apparel storage, point of sale display, mobile storage and online inventory fulfillment.

Metalsistem Super 123 shelving is of the highest quality and has been uniquely adapted to meet the diverse and evolving needs within the retail industry.

It creates space and time efficiency for your business growth.

More space means more storage capacity, a better, faster customer experience, and a safer and more productive working environment for your staff!

Super 123 will meet the needs of your retail business by providing you with the following benefits:

  • Up to 30% more space
  • Up to 20% more storage capacity
  • Maximise your GLA and productivity
  • Quick assembly
  • Relocatable

Forward thinking retail brands need efficient storage in order to enhance their productivity.

Over 70 retail brands are already using Super 123 including youth fashion brand Super Glue Store in the newly redeveloped Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne.

Super 123. Smarter Storage Solutions

The Super Glue Store needed to maximise storage and display space, while creating a visual point of difference.

Bowen Storage used the Super 123 modular unit to provide the Super Glue Store with a front of house storage solution. Its innovative mobile design reduces the storage footprint by making stock easily accessible, while creating a visual point of difference. 

To read more about the Super Glue Store’s use of Super 123 you can read our case study here.

From design and planning right through to product customisation Bowen Storage will deliver an efficient and cost-effective solution for your storage needs.

To find out more about Super 123 click here.

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