Storage Solutions | Bowen Group / Blog / Three Warehouse Tips to Optimise Efficiency & Productivity to Drive Revenue Growth

Three Warehouse Tips to Optimise Efficiency & Productivity to Drive Revenue Growth

Storage Solutions | Bowen Group / Blog / Three Warehouse Tips to Optimise Efficiency & Productivity to Drive Revenue Growth
November 2017

Today’s warehouse operators are re-thinking efficiency and productivity measures in warehouses, as they recognise what drives revenue growth. By making improvements in three key areas including warehouse layout, storage systems and adding automation solutions in the warehouse, operators are finding better ways to protect company assets, reduce down-time and increase productivity.

The Design of the Warehouse – it all starts here

A carefully planned warehouse design or re-design is the best place to start. An effective warehouse will ensure that your products are easily replenished for picking, products are easily and quickly picked whilst maintaining high order picking accuracy levels, all staff are kept safe whilst picking and packing in your warehouse and dispatch areas. Whether you store your products on pallets on pallet racking or in smaller boxes or parts trays on lighter duty shelving, careful planning is required to ensure you get the most of your distribution centre.  

Warehouse storage – Manage your Inventory

With an increasing focus on companies to “stay lean”, managing your inventory is of prime importance when done effectively can lead to significant returns.  Inventory often represents a large value and must be carefully stored to avoid damage and shrinkage.  Making it easier and safer for staff to access stock and pick orders will increase your warehouse output.  Some areas to focus on include reducing the manual handling of product by staff, having dedicated locations for each product, and ensuring you have clear product location labelling to ensure accurate order picking.   Choosing a suitable storage solution will reduce product damage and drive your warehouse performance.

Automation Increases Productivity and Efficiency

The 2015 Manufacturing Trends article highlights automation in the warehouse as one of the most influential factors in improving warehouse productivity and efficiency. Many international warehouse operators are incorporating advances in automation, such as automated pallet storage, packing robots, conveyors and integrated picking systems to help increase efficiency and to help make the workplace more efficient and productive. 

By automating continuous or repetitive tasks in the warehouse, you can improve your throughput and achieve faster picking and dispatch times. An automated pallet storage system, for example, will ensure speed and efficiency in product accessibility, with minimal effort.  The end result?  With the addition of automation, gives workers the opportunity to focus on jobs that require human know-how and decision-making skills generating higher engagement in their work, and leaving the repetitive tasks to be done by machines. 

In summary, warehouse spaces must be functional, productive and efficient, while providing a safe and comfortable environment for workers to work. Optimising your warehouse to improve productivityreduce operating costs, and improve customer service will only generate long term benefits for your business. Start with a warehouse design that caters to your businesses unique requirements and implement storage solutions designed specifically for your needs. And work with experts who know how. Bowen Storage, leaders in workplace solutions offer a comprehensive warehouse design and fit-out solution to make your warehouse space productive and efficient. Call us to discuss your specific needs today on 1300 780 654.