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Warehouse Safety – Keeping People Safe

Storage Solutions | Bowen Group / Blog / Warehouse Safety – Keeping People Safe
September 2015

Did you know that warehouses are amongst the most dangerous places to work in Australia? Nearly 70% of warehouse related injuries are due to dangerous manual handling, and trips, slips and falls (source: Worksafe Australia). The majority of these could have been prevented with the correct safety procedures and equipment. Warehouse managers who instil proper safety procedures, training and protection for employees will notice the boost in overall employment satisfaction and the production lines will run as smoother than ever before.

warehouse safetyBlock Them from Harm
Having clear physical barriers to prevent workers from harm is an absolute must.  Keeping people out of the way of machinery, forklifts, trucks and other mechanical dangers is a fundamental step in creating a safe warehouse.  Essential physical protection includes:

  • Proper safety guards on all machines – you could never forgive yourself if one of your workers got caught up in a machine could you?
  • Designated walkways, barriers and handrailing to separate pedestrians from forklift and other large vehicle traffic – forklifts and people do not mix!
  • Handrailing, pallet loading gates and proper staircases to allow the safe access to raised storage areas and mezzanines.  Rickety old ladders, missing handrailing and missing/non-conforming safety gates is simply illegal – it must be addressed immediately.
  • Well-lit warehouses and easy to read signage will help overall operating performance, not just safety measures.

Zero Harm Target
Many warehouses strive for a Zero Harm Target meaning no harm to anyone, anytime at work.  By having this vision implemented in the workplace, you strive towards improving health and safety goals, starting with the correct training for employees – for example, many workers injure their backs from simple things like lifting a heavy box the wrong way, due to a lack of knowledge. Educating workers how to look after their bodies, how to identify hazards and take steps to eliminate them will not only protect them from harm, but will result in improved efficiencies in the warehouse.

Do you need a warehouse audit?
The design and layout of your warehouse is a key factor in preventing workplace injury, and Bowen Storage are experts when it comes to safety. Bowen Storage can facilitate a warehouse safety audit to identify what areas of your warehouse are in need of improvement and provide solutions to create improvement and growth in your business. To find out more about our safety products including racking protection, custom made barriers, handrail and gate systems, please click here.

By having safety as your number one priority in the warehouse, you can ensure the highest level of protection and productivity for those working within. For help redesigning your warehouse to improve safety, or to organise a rack safety audit, contact Bowen today on 1300 780 654