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Warehouse Safety – Rack Safety Audit

Storage Solutions | Bowen Group / Blog / Warehouse Safety – Rack Safety Audit
November 2015

Is your warehouse pallet racking compliant with Australian safety standards? The best way to ensure your warehouse is safe is by obtaining regular racking safety audits.

Who needs a Racking Safety Audit?

All warehouses should complete a Racking Safety Audit every 12 months to ensure your racking meets Australian Standards. The auditor will expertly inspect and assess your pallet racking to identify any current or potential dangers that require immediate action, such as damaged racking or overloaded pallets.  Experts in warehouse storage solutions, Bowen Storage have inspected warehouses for companies such as The Laminex Group, and The Good Guys, who have then carried out the recommended corrective actions, to make their warehouses compliant with the Australian Standards.

What is a Racking Safety Audit?

The audit is a visual inspection by a trained expert, who will walk down every warehouse aisle to thoroughly assess the pallet racking. For many warehouses, inspections only take a few hours, however larger companies may require multiple days to complete the audit.

Risk assessment in broken down into three categories, based on their urgency and danger level:

  • Green – Acceptable: requires surveillance until the next inspection is carried out
  • Amber - Hazardous: requires unloading and rack isolation
  • Red - Very Serious: requires immediate action and rack loading is not permitted until the correct repairs have been implemented

A Bowen Racking Safety Audit is made up of four phases:

  1. Visual Site Inspection: During the inspection stage, damage is documented in a Rack Audit Report, including missing fasteners and clips, or lack of safety signage and load capacity tagging
  2. Compliance Reporting: A detailed Rack Audit Report is created, which outlines repair work needed to ensure racking is safe and meets the requirements of the Australian Standard AS4084:2012. In this report, the correct components to replace any damaged racking are listed, plus the costs associated to rectify the issues noted, and any additional safety barrier and racking guard recommendations to ensure your warehouse is as safe as it can possibly be
  3. Repairs Work: Repairs on any damaged racking need to be made as soon as possible, to ensure the safety of employees and preservation of your inventory. Bowen work with you to get your warehouse back up and running smoothly again in the shortest time possible
  4. Ongoing Compliance: It is crucial that warehouses undergo a regular inspection and audit every 12 months, to ensure the structural strength and safety of all pallet racking meets the required specifications.

Annual Racking Safety Audits are essential for every warehouse to remain compliant with Australian Safety Standards. To arrange your warehouse Racking Safety Audit, contact Bowen today on 1300 780 654.