Lifting Equipment

Bowen Storage has a wide range of lifting equipment designed to minimise the risk of injury and improve safety in the workplace. 

Heavy duty general purpose pallet trucks are built to perform with a huge capacity range of 1000kg up to 2500kg depending on model and application.  Pallet trucks are an effective solution to materials handling issues making them ideal for use in production/assembly lines, shipping containers, mezzanine floors and other tight places. 

Our range of scissorlift trolleys are safe and easy to use whilst being strong and robust for a long working life.  Ideal for loading and unloading goods onto shelves or production lines without bending over, the scissorlift trolleys reduce the risk of strain injury.

Dumpmasters empty bins from floor level effortlessly with the simple push of a button - the safe alternative with no bending or lifting required by the operator.  Bins are raised vertically, and then gently rolled forward when they are at the right height.  This design uses a minimum amount of space, and is much safer than tippers that rotate the bin around a fixed pivot point.  The bin and cradle come down by gravity along which increases the Dumpmaster's safety.

The Quikstak walkie stacker has a patented infrared height sensor that automatically adjusts the forks as you load or unload.  With weight capacities from 1000kg to 2500kg, and a unique modular construction, Quikstak 'smart-stackers' virtually eliminate bending and lifting, and bring about a significant improvement improvement in overall productivity and efficiency. 

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