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Maximise available storage space with a double deep pallet racking system from Bowen Storage

With over 30 years’ experience in warehouse and general storage  solutions, Bowen Storage can help you find the right solution to improve and grow your business. Specialising in a wide range of pallet racking systems, we can also provide a tailored double deep racking design to suit your operational needs.

What is double deep racking?

Stow double deep racking uses standard selective racking components to store pallets two deep (or four deep in a double entry rack). Double deep pallet racking maximises storage capacity through increased density with reduced pallet accessibility.

Special forklifts with forward reach ability are required to use this storage method. Lower level stock is required to be stored on beams just above the ground adding to rack safety and stability.

Quality double deep racking systems for businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia-wide, contact Bowen Storage today

Working closely with you from start to finish, we can provide you with a complete double deep racking system to replace or accompany your existing storage set up and specification requirements.

Looking for a solution that will complement your existing pallet racking?  Ask us about Logirack - compatible with major brands.

Double Deep Racking

  • Stores two pallets deep for quick dispatch of large volumes of goods.
  • Maximises available space through the reduction in aisle requirements.
  • Requires the use of forward reaching fork attachments.
  • Upper levels can be fitted with guidance rails for rapid placement of pallets.
  • Storage density increased as rack aisle ratio changes from selective racking.
  • 50% immediate accessibility with reasonable stock rotation.
  • Good use of all available locations, typically above 90%.
  • Lowest pallet is stored off the ground, for safe and secure handling.
  • Best used when there are multiple pallets of each SKU.
  • Complies with AS4084:2012.
  • Complies with European FEM regulations.


Average Locations Used  90%
Immediate Accessibility  50%
Stock Rotation  Average
Floor Utilisation  60%


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