Drive In Pallet Racking

Maximise your space and volume with drive in pallet racking

A Stow drive-in racking system allows maximum use of space and volume due to the elimination of access aisles. Pallet storage capacity is more than doubled compared with standard pallet racking.

Ideal for cold storage and dry store goods, drive-in racking is suitable for businesses that have high pallet quantities, but don’t require fast stock rotation and immediate accessibility. Unique self-centring pallet rails enable pallets to be positioned quickly and safely, reducing operator time.

Conventional forklift trucks are suitable for access to stock within drive-in racking. Drive-in racking operates on a First-In Last-Out stock rotation basis.

Drive in racking systems for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia-wide

Specialising in a wide range of pallet racking systems, Bowen Storage can help you implement a drive in racking system to suit your business needs.

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Drive-In Racking

  • Ideal for cold storage and freezers where space is costly.
  • Allows the use of conventional forklifts.
  • Suitable for only a few SKUs, but many pallets.
  • Allows maximum use of storage space and volume due to elimination of access aisles.
  • Complies with AS4084:2012.
  • Complies with European FEN regulations.
Average Locations Used  70%
Immediate Accessibility 10%
Stock Rotation Poor
Floor Utilisation 65%


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