Pallet Live Racking

Maximise your warehouse storage with our pallet live racking systems

As Australia’s leading name for warehouse storage solutions, Bowen Storage can help improve and grow your business by helping you maximise your storage efficiency and speed up operations.

Specialising in pallet racking systems for businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond, let Bowen Storage assist you with all your pallet live racking needs. 

What is pallet live storage racking?

The Stow pallet live storage system stores pallets in specially constructed lanes of gravity inclined tracks, stacked side by side on standard selective pallet racking.  Pallets are typically fed and retrieved from opposite sides with pallet accessibility being on a First In First Out basis. Palletised goods are placed into the loading face and carried down to the picking face by gravity.

  • Ideal for storing pallets in cool rooms, freezer rooms and space where space is at a premium and there is only a few SKU’s and high number of pallets
  • Allows for fewer aisles, providing very dense storage
  • Reduces racking damage as the forklift never enters the racking


Supplying business in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Australia-wide with quality pallet live storage racking

Pallet Live Flow Racking

  • Combines high density storage with high-speed access.
  • Ideally suited for applications with few SKU’S and high volumes of pallets.
  • Pallets are always at the pick face ready for immediate picking.
  • Racking can be accessed and serviced by conventional forklift trucks.
  • Racking damage is reduced as the forklift never enters the racking.
  • Requires fewer aisles therefore lowering refrigerating cost in cold stores.
  • Pallet access is on First In First Out (FIFO) or Last In First Out (LIFO) basis.
  • Complies with AS40484:2012.
  • Complies with European FEM regulations.
Average Locations Used 90%
Immediate Accessibility 13%
Stock Rotation Average
Floor Utilisation 55%


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