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Increase your storage capacity with an innovative mobile racking system from Bowen Storage

Stow’s mobile racking system uses standard selective pallet racking mounted on heavy duty mobile bases and floor tracks. This configuration provides electrically driven opening and closing of racking aisles. Mobile racking enables very compact storage while maintaining individual access to all stored pallets.

  • Perfectly suited to very expansive footprint storage areas such as cool rooms
  • Can increase capacity by 80% compared to conventional pallet racking systems
  • May lead to a significant decrease in lighting, heating or cooling requirements

Safety is guaranteed by a photoelectric light beam system. When the equipment is activated, the safety system prevents racking from moving if there are still people or objects within the aisles.

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Selective Mobile Racking

  • High density storage with individual access to all pallets still available.
  • Storage capacity can be increased by up to 80%.
  • Requires thorough planning from early conception stages.
  • Can be operated automatically or manually.
  • Photoelectric beam system guarantees staff safety.
  • Can be used with conventional forklifts.
  • Complies with AS4084:2012.
  • Complies with European FEM regulations.
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