Selective Racking

Gain easy access to every pallet with Bowen Storage’s cost-effective selective pallet racking system

At Bowen Storage, we specialise in innovative and functional warehousestorage solutions. One of our most popular pallet racking systems, we can help you find out whether selective racking is the right solution for your project.  

What is selective racking?

Stow selective pallet racking is a straight forward and cost effective pallet storage system. Able to be used in conjunction with almost any type of forklift it is ideal where flexibility, easy access and fast dispatch times are critical.  Selective pallet racking is the lowest cost pallet racking solution and allows access to every pallet ensuring optimum stock rotation. It can also be adjusted or relocated at any time with minimal effort.

Looking to match your existing pallet racking?  Ask us about Logirack - compatible with major brands.

Servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia-wide, contact Bowen Storage for all your selective racking needs today

Stow selective pallet racking is a versatile storage solution providing many benefits:

  • Allows individual access to every pallet, thus achieving optimum stock rotation.
  • Allows for space maximsation yet retains total product accessibility.
  • Is compatible with a wide range of standard materials handling equipment, thereby assisting in the reduction of capital outlay costs.
  • Can be adapted and adjusted almost infinitely to serve virtually any logistic requirement.
  • Has accessories available to expand and enhance storage options.


Average Locations Used 95%
Immediate Accessibility 
Stock Rotation  Very Good
Floor Utilisation 


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