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Bowen Storage was asked to work directly with the project architect to provide a custom laboratory workbench solution.

The brief was to supply heavy duty workbenches with antistatic properties as well as robust parts storage drawers underneath.

Fixed and mobile benches were specified, custom finishes were requested and laboratory seating was to complete the solution.

Bowen Storage designed and installed a custom laboratory solution, including workbenches, full height glass front mobile cupboards and drafting seating.

Manufactured in Australia, Boscotek heavy duty workbenches are modular workbenches that were tailored to meet the architect's design specifications.

Workbenches were supplied as both stationery and mobile versions with antistatic laminate worktops to meet safety requirements.

Bowen Storage worked in partnership with the project architect and Agilent Technologies to deliver highly functional and premium quality fitout research lab equipment.

Not only did the solution achieve the functional performance requirements, custom colours added a highly aesthetic premium finish.

The project was completed to the full satisfaction of the architect and client within the specified timeline and budget.

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