Eltech Industries

As a leading importer and wholesale distributor of electrical accessories, Eltech Industries engaged Bowen Storage to create a storage solution to increase accessibility for both pallets and small parts.

Critical to the brief was the need to create a storage solution with the ability for further expansion in the future.

As small parts required rapid picking by hand, Eltech requested an improvement on traditional storage methods that would produce greater operational efficiency and faster dispatch times. 


Bowen Storage supplied and installed a premium quality Stow selective pallet racking system for palletised storage and hand load shelving.

This modular system was also configured to create longspan shelving levels, improving accessibility and efficiency in the active picking of small parts.   

Full height frames were supplied with the longspan shelving zone to allow for expansion to a mezzanine floor or high bay picking to increase usable floor space in the future. 

Bowen Storage worked personally with the Eltech Industries team to deliver a quality storage solution designed to meet future business growth.

The Stow selective pallet racking system has resulted in more effective and efficient warehouse operations.

Eltech Industries credited that they can now “unload a container and put away stock over 50% quicker.”

The new storage solution is achieving faster dispatch times by increasing the ease and speed with which parts can be identified and retrieved.  

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