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With a commitment to exceptional service and customer support, Barloworld Mercedes Benz needed a storage solution to improve spare parts storage capacity and efficiency within their dealerships. 

The brief was to accommodate a full range of automotive parts in a limited area, maximising the use of floor space while permitting prompt regular access to all items.

Bowen Storage reconfigured the small space available and created a series of storage systems that improved both capacity and efficiency in the dealership.

Stow selective pallet racking system was chosen with custom dividers, making it easier to store, segregate and access heavy and bulky parts.

Boscotek high density storage cabinets provided an effective storage solution for the small automotive parts. For lightweight automotive parts, Metalsistem® Super 123 shelving system was installed, designed for stability, high capacity and low cost.

The tailored solution included the design and installation of high quality mobile work benches, maximising ease and efficiency in pick and despatch of parts.

Bowen Storage worked in partnership with Barloworld Mercedes to deliver the maximum use of the limited available space.

By reconfiguring the floor layout, all stock parts now fit into the small, existing space. The new, efficient and effective storage solution allows Barloworld to enhance operational efficiencies, enabling the best service and support provided to customers.

The innovative design has reduced the storage footprint, enabling easy access to stock and a highly functional, user-friendly storage layout.

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