Pacific Gold Macadamia

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A major producer and exporter of macadamia kernel both in Australia, and internationally, Pacific Gold Macadamias required a storage solution for large bags of macadamias at their processing plant in Bundaberg.

The brief was to provide a high quality, high density pallet storage system designed around the existing warehouse parameters that would cope with the current and future stock holdings.

Bowen Storage worked within the existing warehouse to design a high density pallet storage system that increased the storage capacity and improved stock handling efficiency.

High volumes of palletised bags of macadamias was catered for through installing a Stow drive-in pallet racking system that provided 564 additional pallet spaces.  Storage racks were installed back to back to allow faster picking.

In order to minimise product downtime for Pacific Gold Macadamias, Bowen Storage completed the project over the holiday period. 

The project was completed according to schedule and delays were minimised despite the unplanned interruption of a tropical cyclone that restricted road access to Bundaberg.

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