Leading international fashion brand, Zara, needed to maximise back of house storage capacity in the limited available area.

Striving to meet the needs of customers and stay ahead of the latest fashion, Zara needed a solution that would allow a sufficient amount of stock to be kept on hand with inventory being rapidly replenished.

The brief was to effectively combine flat pack and hanging garment storage. Zara required freestanding garment shelving where walls were not load bearing. A solution for was also required to easily and safely access the products stored on upper levels.

Bowen Storage reconfigured the layout design to cater for efficient warehouse traffic and flow. After an extensive site analysis, the Super 123 retail shelving system was selected and supplied.

The Super 123 shelving was proven to be the perfect choice for garment rails, adjustability and free standing versatility.

An innovative storage solution, the system enabled flexible flat pack and hanging storage, allowing Zara to effectively store their evolving stock lines.   

Platform ladders and small Kik stools were supplied to improve accessibility and safety for staff retrieving stored inventory.

With a highly functional and innovative retail shelving solution now in place, Zara’s back of house inventory is now maximised, enabling greater storage capacity and density.

The solution resulted in more efficient onsite storage enabling staff to easily find and access stock. Rapid replenishment has seen improvements in customer satisfaction, experience and sales.

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