Commercial Storage Solutions

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Commercial Storage Solutions

Metalsistem® Super 123 Series shelving system is used to provide unique aesthetic and functional form in commercial and institutional environments. The versatility of the Super 123 system allows the design of standard and custom units for architectural offices, educational storage and hospitality use.

Super 123 shelving will:

  • Increase efficiency of archive filing, reducing time taken to retrieve files.
  • Reduce area used by archive storage, with mobile storage.
  • Increase density of storage for library and educational collections.
  • Provide compliant storage solutions for hospitality and cleanroom use.
  • Improve office aesthetic and create differentiation through unique furniture design.
  • Create consistency across the office, from reception counters, through to desking and storage units.

Use Super 123 shelving for:

  • Reception counters.
  • Desking and tables.
  • Archive and records storage.
  • Library and book collection storage.
  • Museum and art collection storage.
  • Coolroom and cleanroom shelving.
  • Hospitality and clinical storage.