High Density Storage

A place for everything… everything in its place…

High density storage eliminates wasted space by using configurable drawers and compartments to provide storage for a large volume of items in a small footprint.  The benefit of high density storage is the ability to maximise available space.  By selecting drawers and accessories which suit the items being stored you can save and create space.

BOSCOTEK™ high density storage systems provide better picking visibility than conventional shelving.  Used in a workshop they provide an excellent means of storing a wide range of tools, components and parts.  They can be also used in laboratories, manufacturing plants, museums, universities and TAFEs.

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BOSCOTEK™ High Density Storage Cabinets:

  • Central rear locking system to securely lock off all drawers, offering excellent security.
  • Unique patented “true anti-tilt mechanism” prevents multiple drawers being pulled open at one time.
  • Drawers use single extension runners which incorporate 8 sealed bearings or 100% full extension runners capable of loads of up to 200kg depending on the drawer width.
  • 100% full extension runner ensures that the full drawer space is accessible.
  • Drawers and shelves can be positioned at 25mm intervals and supports can be removed and repositioned as your requirements change.
  • Cabinets are supplied with levelling feet where uneven surfaces may exist; or heavy duty castors for mobile storage options.
  • Available with forklift bases to provide an ideal solution where cabinets may require relocation or increased height.
  • Heavy duty construction -  using a 2mm rigid interlocking frame with zinc seal body and internals.
  • Accessories enable drawers to be partitioned into small compartments for maximum space utilisation. Drawer accessories include partitions, dividers, plastic bins, metal trays, tool supports, groove trays and customised foam inserts.
  • Flush aluminium extruded handle running the entire width of the drawer is unobtrusive and incorporates a drawer labelling groove.
  • Drawer latches can be fitted to avoid drawers opening when cabinet is unlocked during transit or on castors.
  • Unique single piece drawer design provides excellent strength and durability.
  • Cabinets can be integrated and connected together to create a complete storage system.


For more detailed information on Boscotek High Density Storage Solutions please download our Easy Order Guide:

Boscotek High Density Storage - Easy Order Guide


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